AAA Awards Associate Applications Due

Umeå, Sweden - Sunday, June 1, 1997.

AAA Awards Associate applications are now due in one month. Application is open for any Amiga user group in the world! Becoming an associate means YOU get to handle the handing out of a national AAA Award in YOUR country!


Download the application at our homepage, and fill it out. The application must be sent to Amiga Computer Group by mail, and post stamped by July 1st 1997 (for application within 1997).

For further information, see the AAA Awards homepage or contact AAA Awards Director Martin Sahlén at Further rules can also be found there.

Take a stand - apply for AAA Awards Association right away!


Visit the AAA Awards Homepage and download a AAA Awards Button which you may include in your own WWW pages.


All the latest news regarding the AAA Awards will be made official at the AAA Awards Homepage.


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