SASG Intl. Celebrates 3rd Anniversary and Grants 20% Discounts


As of this month we are now supporting the Amiga scene for a total of 3 years! SASG was founded in May 1994. Most Amiga users will remember this time as the downfall of Commodore. SASG was born out of this crisis since we wanted to show our solidarity with the Amiga and its users worldwide for we knew that the liquidation of Commodore would not simultaneously mean the downfall of the Amiga computer. After 3 years we can proudly say that our decisions and feelings were right on this matter. It was good to support the Amiga and its users by keeping this platform strong and flourishing.

And we are celebrating another event: Our SASG website has reached and beaten the magical barrier of 100,000 individual users attending our online services! We thank everybody who visited our website and helped to make it so popular. Thank you so much!

To celebrate these events we have decided to let everyone participate in our achievements by making a special offer: SASG International grants you an exclusive, time-limited

20% birthday discount

on all of its featured products! To make use of it, just visit our website at Don't miss this unique and limited chance to get our great Amiga shareware products for just that little shareware fee.

Since we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary, we thought it would be appropriate to give away our products for 20% less for exactly 3 weeks. This offer is already running since 2 weeks now, so there is still one week to go. This means, if you register one of our products before the 13-Jun-97, you will be granted this special discount. On friday the 13th, this exclusive offer will expire.

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