Australian Amiga Gathering Announced

Australian Amiga Gathering
Press Release: 15/06/97

The Australian Amiga Gathering will be held on the weekend of June the 28th and 29th. Located at the Sydney Showground in Sydney Australia, it will be an event marking the return of Amiga.

One feature of the show which will be very popular is the Shareware Registration Booth. This will allow people to buy fully registered shareware programs without the hassles of postage and currency conversion. Saving them time and money!

Some of the products participating in this venture are;

The products from Final Development, Shapeshifter, Superview, STFax, Ownwords, Hippoplayer, Xtruder, Airmail, Foreign Language Master, MagniCAD, Raystorm, AmiFIG, Atapi Driver (for CDROMs), Xtrace, Wildfire, Dust, Image Engineer and ProgEd

The show will run from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm each day.

For further details check out the web page at or email the organisers at

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