Mr. Hardware Computers Announces Retail Escort v4.1 Demo

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, June 18th 1997

Contact: Joe Rothman
Mr. Hardware Computers
59 Storey Ave.
Central Islip, NY 11722-2332 USA
516-234-8110 Voice or Fax

Central Islip, NY - Tuesday, June 17th 1997 Mr. Hardware Computers announced today that they have released the long awaited demo version of their Premier Amiga Point of Sale System. We are pleased to release a demo of our most exciting version of Retail Escort ever. We have worked long and hard to bring the Amiga Professional Business Management Software.

Our Vision of what Business Management Software should do is simple. The management tools you use should be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Software should make your life as the owner/manager easy. You make the decisions, but the software should do the work. Knowing where your business stands should be just a report or two away. With these thoughts in mind we present you with v4.1 of Retail Escort.

The Retail Escort v4.1 demo is available for download on Aminet under the name RE41DEMO.lha. Search for Retail to locate it.

Retail Escort helps you run your business with:

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Tons of Business Reports, Checking Accounts, Credit Cards, Customer Notes, Easy Invoicing, Inventory Control, Order Tracking, Price Quotes, Purchase Orders, Mailing Lists, Label Printing, plus a whole lot more.

Mr. Hardware Computers is 100% Amiga and 100% committed to the further development of SBase4, SBase4Pro, The Escort Series, and other fine Amiga software. We invite you to help prove the Amiga is better at running business software, and therefore better for running a business, than any other computer.

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