CU Amiga Magazine Announces Release of TFX

At last, TFX will be released! Not only will it be released but it will only cost 5.99 (International prices will differ) and come with the World's best Amiga Magazine attached to it. Yes, it's true. TFX will be on the October CD-ROM issue of CU Amiga Magazine. There's no catch, no scam, the Amiga's legendary unreleased flight sim can be yours soon.

As you'd expect, we've been bombarded by E-mail, letters and calls about this. Here's a mini TFX FAQ which should answer most of your questions.

TFX is the first of many spectacular events lined up for CU Amiga in the near future. As usual you'll find the highest quality commercial application software, unrivaled technical reviews, in-depth original features and much more besides.

TFX, and the considerable effort CU Amiga expended in order to bring it fruition, demonstrates our continued commitment to the Amiga. Further information (and screen shots) can be found at CU Online.

Tony Horgan
Editor of CU Amiga Magazine

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