FutureSights ISP Offers Specials for Amiga Web Sites

FutureSights, Inc.
1933 W. Main #5, Suite 192
Mesa, Arizona 85201

Contact: pbeazley@futuresights.com

July 3, 1997 -- FutureSights is now offering a special for Amiga-related websites. Personal websites with Amiga content will receive a 10% discount on all services available. Developers of Amiga hardware and software will receive a 20% discount on services and a listing in FutureSight's upcoming Amiga Continuing Development Center (ACDC) website. In addition to this discount, any contracts signed for six months of service or more will enjoy no setup fees. (Setup fee start at $19.95 for basic hosting service.) Virtual domains and extensive business website services are also available. Please see our site for details.

FutureSights is a US-based corporation located in Mesa, Arizona, and provides web hosting, design, maintenance, marketing and promotion for both business and personal clients. We are proud to support the Amiga and do much of our graphics and design work on Amigas.

For further information, visit our website at http://www.futuresights.com/.

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