Amiga Informer Announces New Web Site Features, Special Subscription Offer

Greetings all. I'd like to take a brief moment to let you know about the latest additions to The Amiga Informer's web site. You can now visit our site and read articles that were printed in issue 8, our most recent release. New articles includecommentary and insights to the Gateway 2000 purchase of Amiga, a piece on the efforts of the Jay Minor Society to organize future Amiga de- velopment, an inside report on the recent World of Amiga show in London, and a look at the new BlizzardPPC cards. Along with a good selection of News Bytes and product Announcements, is Brad Webb's regular Workbench Extras column, which looks at IconToolBox. Likewise, Davis Sprague's Site Seeing column looks at Multi-User Domains and guides you through getting your Amiga completely connected for internet use.

A new feature you will notice on our site is The Informer Archives. Here you can find ready-to-browse articles and columns from past issues. These articles cover a wide range of topics and will help you stay connected, informed and up to date.

You will also notice that we added two new web site attractions. First is Ask Dr. Amiga. Here you can email The Dr. with an Amiga related problem or question and get an answer that might help you out. Dr. Amiga will host a new column in upcoming print is- sues of The Informer and your questions may be selected and used in this column. Next, you will find the Graphics Class email link where you can send in your Amiga graphics related ques- tions. Cecilia, the host of Graphics Class, will use your questions to help formulate the content of her upcoming Graphics Class col- umn that will appear in future print issues.

Something else added to our site is the "Specials" section. Here you will find specials offered to Amiga Informer readers by our advertisers . These savings and special deals are quite appeal- ing. Check them out often because some are offered for a limited time only.

To top this all off, The Informer is offering a special subscription deal. If you subscribe to The Amiga Informer (either by phone, or on-line form) by August 3, 1997, you will get seven issues for the price of six. That's one extra issue free. This offer is valid only for new subscriptions placed by phone (credit card) or by on-line form between now and August 3, 1997. If subscribing by credit card, call toll free 1-888-88-AMIGA. You must state you want the "7 for 6 offer." If using the on-line form found on our web site (, you will automatically receive the "7 for 6 offer" if you subscribe by August 3, 1997.

Don't delay, visit our web site today!


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