Honorable Mention Web Site Hits 400 Indexed Articles

From: "Mathew R. Ignash"
Date sent: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 17:06:24 +0500
Subject: Honorable Mention hits 400!

This message is to inform you that the popular web page Honorable Mention has now grown to include over 400 articles.

It seems like I only hit 300 articles not long ago, but there seems to be no end of resources to call on in for the Amiga.

Honorable Mention is a page I upkeep that indexes mentions of the Amiga computer in non-Amiga magazines and news sources. On the site you can read articles dating from Newsbytes mentions of the Amiga back in June 1984 all the way to shocking news of the sale of the Amiga technology to Lotus Pacific this July.

Many stories include links to full text, mailto: links to the author's and links to the news sources home page.

Come see it at http://www.rust.net/~mignash/ and click on the Honorable Mention section.

Thank you,

Mathew R. Ignash

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