Randomize Goes Direct with the Release of PowerPC Boards

Toronto, ON, Canada -- July 31, 1997 -- Randomize, distributors of Phase5 accelerator and graphics boards, now offers direct sales accompanying the launch of Phase5's new PowerUP line of PowerPC accelerator boards; all through Randomize Direct.

The Cyberstorm PPC, for the A3000(T) and A4000(T) is the first of PowerUp board providing PowerPC 604e acceleration in co-operation with a 68040 or 68060 CPU. The Cyberstorm PPC features 4 SIMM slot accomadating a total of 128MB of Ram, and Ultra Wide SCSI controller and a expansion connector for the to-be-released CyberVision PPC 24 Bit graphics board. Configurations include any combination include of the following CPUs:

680x0 PowerPC
25Mhz 68040 150Mhz 604e
40Mhz 68040 180Mhz 604e
60Mhz 68060 200Mhz 604e

PowerUp boards will be available for the A1200 (the Blizzard 603e and Blizzard 603e+) and for the A2000 (Blizzard 2604) to be released late summer/early fall. Complete product information is available from Randomize's website at www.randomize.com.

Randomize now makes these, plus other products distributed by Randomize, available directly to end-users providing superior access, product knowledge and pricing. Randomize's website is located at www.randomize.com and can be emailed at sales@randmize.com. Randomize Direct pricing is available at www.randomize.com/rdpricing.html.

R.R. #2
Tottenham, Ont.
Canada L0G 1W0

Toll Free Order Line - 1-888-Randomize (726-3664)
Technical Support Line - 905-939-8371
Fax Line - 905-939-8745

Email - sales@randomize.com
website - www.randomize.com

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