Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces p.OS PreRelease

Essen, 08/01/97

The long awaited p.OS Prerelease finally started shipping.

Since its first introduction this new operating system, an innovation started on the Amiga platform, gained tremendous interest from the Amiga community.

With this prerelease every user gets the opportunity to take a closer look into the philosophy of p.OS - the operating system which will soon be available for the Amiga and many other platforms.

The prerelease is a nearly complete operating system at a reduced introductory price! You may also upgrade this version to the final release without having to pay more than the difference in price.

For the price of DM 49 you'll obtain the p.OS PreRelease on CD ROM or on floppy disc. And as a special introduction bonus you receive - for free - additional demos and tools, which demonstrate the abilities of this operating system. An online tutor introduces you comfortably and with the greatest of ease to all the technical innovations and allows you to become immediately familiar with this powerful operating system.

An excerpt of the features of the prerelease (CD ROM version): Complete p.OS workbench

p.OS PreRelease is distributed by

Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe GmbH
Veronikastr. 33
45131 Essen

Phone ++49-201-788778
Fax ++49-201-798447

Stefan Ossowski

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