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Sadly, after just one year supporting the Amiga, Amiga Review has had to close, and all our future developments for the Amiga have been suspended. Sales were growing for us until we were refused advertising from the mainstream glossy magazines, closing out a large percentage of the market, and since then, despite efforts to promote the magazine elsewhere, due to declining sales, we have decided to close the magazine.

It was hoped that by splitting Amiga Review into two different magazines as mentioned recently, we would overcome the `competition threat' towards the glossies. Our aim was to advertise Gamer and Amiga Review separately, and as they were aimed at different markets, we hoped that advertising space would again be accessible to us. Sadly this did not happen. We investigated newsstand distribution, but after long consideration, decided this would not be viable. After all, newsstand magazines are closing rapidly.

All good things come to an end. I find it a great shame that in this continually declining market, those that do wish to support the Amiga are `controlled' by the larger companies/magazines within the market. It is a democratic world, free speech and all that, but when it comes down to the business world, money is the be all and end all. However, by closing off those who attempt to support the Amiga, the entire market will lose out in the long run. But then the large companies don't care, as they have milked us of our money and walked away to the next victim.

As a publishing house we are not dead, we are now simply moving to another market after six months reorganisation time. And I find it ludicrous that we will still be using Amigas in our production rooms to publish other material, yet unable to publish for the computer we are actually using. All the best to Amiga International, and thanks to all of you, our readers,and the companies who supported us, especially Vulcan Software's Paul and Lisa, and the rest of you, you know who you are. David Pettifer, Editor

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