Club Amiga du Québec Announces Festival Amiga '97

Club Amiga du Québec Inc.
5430, 15e avenue
Montréal, Québec
Canada H1X 2T8


Festival Amiga '97

The Club Amiga du Québec is inviting all Amiga users of the Montréal region to its 1997 Amiga Festival, that will be held on Saturday, August 23rd at the Monkland Community Center.

The Festival is an opportunity for Amiga enthusiasts to meet and exchange tricks, tips, and tall tales of their mutual passion, the Amiga computer.

More information can be found on the C.A.Q. Web Site at

Daniel Mayrand
vice-president, Club Amiga du Québec
member, 'Team AMIGA'

The Club Amiga du Québec is an non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of the Amiga computer.

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