Amiga Replacement OS (AROS) Now In 11th Beta

AROS - The Amiga Replacement OS


AROS V1.11 Released

August 16, 1997 - The AROS team proudly releases the 11th beta of AROS.

AROS is an effort to re-write the AmigaOS V3.1 (40.70 or later) in ANSI C (mostly). The goal is to have the power of the AmigaOS without beeing limited by the hardware. We try hard to maintain source compatibility which means that, if you want some Amiga application on your mainframe, all you have to do is to get its source and compile it again. Right now, we have implemented these features:

Changes since 1.10

Contact info

Aminet:/misc/emu/AROS* (Main FTP Server) (Main page) / (Sweden Mirror) / (AROS for Amiga)

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla - Head of Development
Haldenweg 5
78464 Konstanz

irc: Optimizer on #AmigaGer and #aros-dev
email: (for AROS related mail) (for private mail) (for large mails) (for AROS bugs)
aros-linux-bugs@aros.fh-konsta (for AROS bugs on Linux)
aros-amiga-bugs@aros.fh-konsta (for AROS bugs on Amiga)

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