QuikPak Update Regarding Product and New Web Site

From the new QuikPak WWW Site, file dated: August 21, 1997

To: The Amiga Community

From: David A. Ziembicki
CEO, QuikPak Corporation

It has been a while since I wrote to the Amiga Community. As those reading this already know, we published a letter welcoming Gateway 2000 and reinforcing our desire to continue to support the Amiga as we have in the past. To this end we have met with Gateway 2000, proposed various new products including our advertised A4040L, A4060L, and A1630. Gateway warned us early on that they are very meticulous in planning and that they would need time to review our product proposals and to see how they fit with their plans. By the time you read this, we will have met with Gateway 2000 to discuss these and other products.

Many have asked why we are not shipping the new products and have pointed out that we have been advertising them for months. The answer is that in order to utilize the Amiga chip set and OS, we need to be licensed by the owner of this technology, Gateway 2000. We are currently in negotiations for such a license and we are hopeful that these negotiations will be completed shortly and we can move forward quickly with an exciting line of new Amiga products.

This transition hasn't been without problems. We are aware of the difficulty some of you have had in reaching us lately, and of some delay in obtaining support. We have addressed the majority of these problems and anticipate that all of you will be satisfied with the results. We have changed our Web site and domain name. Our new site is QuikPak.com and we have added some new features to enhance customer service and make communicating with us easier. Please visit our site often as this along with our advertising here will be the primary means of keeping up to date.

Finally, my thanks to all of the loyal QuikPak / Amiga customers. We truly appreciate your support.

P.S. Please excuse the WIN 95 screen shot on the A4040L, we're just kidding.

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