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September 5, 1997

Amiga Inc. seeks developers, register at CU Online!

Amiga Inc., the new, Dakota based subsidiary of Gateway 2000, are on the move at last. Darreck Lisle has been appointed to handle the organisation of conferences and exhibitions, and has told CU Amiga of his plans to institute a series of developers conferences and working groups. Amiga Inc. intend on listening to what the Amiga community has to say, something that should be very reassuring to those who have been wondering about the level of Gateway's commitment to communication.

Amiga Inc. Needs You!

Amiga Inc. are to build a database of serious Amiga developers. If you are a developer or part of a development team, they would like you to register. If you think that you figure in this category, then all you have to do is fill in the simple developers registration form to be found in the news section of CU Online. Your details will be sent to Amiga Inc and where appropriate you will be contacted in the future.

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