Join the Amiga Effort to Crack the Code and Beat the RSA Secret-Key Challenge

September 8th 1997
For Immediate Release:

The Amiga RC5 Team is pleased to announce the continuing effort to bring the Amiga in the limelight by participating in the Bovine/RSA Secret Key challenge. In order to achieve this, we aim to rise in the statistics to a top 100 placement out of almost 20,000 teams/participants before the challenge is over and perhaps even winning by finding the right key. By bundling the spare CPU cycles of Amiga users worldwide and their various machines the Amiga RC5 Team effort members have already achieved a top 200 ranking in the first 19 days of the effort, and a top 15 daily ranking.

To reach above goals, advertise the Amiga community's enthusiasm and ultimately the Amiga itself, we need as many people to participate as possible, already more than 250 machines of various calibers down to Amiga 500 and CD32 consoles have been working together on the solution.

In addition to the above, a Corporate Hall of Fame section has been added; Amiga oriented companies pledging support are included with their banner and a link to their respective webpages.

A mailing list for participating members is soon te be operational as well.

The working client does not impact multitasking as it runs with a low priority in the background. For further information on how to join and ample explanation of the effort details, please visit the Amiga RC5 Team effort homepage.


Team coordinator, Thomas Tavoly

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