New Software House, The World Foundry, Formed

The World Foundry Press Release
14th September 1997

The developers of Explorer2260 and Maim & Mangle have joined forces

We would like to announce the formation of a new software house called The World Foundry. This company has been formed from Digital Anarchy Software, Deimos Design and Intuition Software with the intention of pooling knowledge and resources to develop Explorer2260, Maim & Mangle and a number of future titles.

Its primary aim is to develop high quality, high specification games for the Amiga market which will take full advantage of expanded Amigas and PPC equipped machines. Our games will be developed for playability, visual impact, size and scope rather than being constrained by backwards support for old OS and hardware revisions. Specifically all the planned games require at least AGA and OS3.0 in addition to Hard Drives, CD Drives, expanded memory and accelerator boards. Currently under consideration is PPC only / priority development.

The World Foundry consists of 3 founder members

Full details of our organisation and projects can be found at

And details of our individual organisations can be found at

Contact Addresses
Main Office


The World Foundry
7 St. Mary's Rd.
SK13 8DN
Phone: +44 (0)1457 863864

Additional URLs and contact addresses are available on the main website.

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