New Commercial Site Debuts, Turtle Lightning Amiga Software


Turtle Lightning Amiga Software, home of the largest legacy Amiga software inventory in the world, now have a fantastic web-site! Its URL is

Looking for that one-of-a-kind Amiga ware? Having a hard time finding that favorite out-of-print game? Well look no further! Turtle Lightning carries a gigantic stock of great legacy software, new in the box, as well as new titles, too.

The TLAS web site includes a high-contrast, 16-color version, aimed at low-color displays, and a 256-color version, geared for AGA and video card users.

Also included are complete online order forms, complete shipping information, and complete descriptions of hundreds of Amiga software products.

Be sure to visit the new Turtle Lightning site today!


Ted Wallingford (
Duane A. Leinninger II (
Pantheon Systems Co.
Creators of the Turtle Lightning Web Site

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