SASG International Announces MagicWB 2.1p Released for Free Download

Following popular demand, MagicWB 2 (which was previously only available through prior registration) is now for the first time publically available as fully installable shareware version. Get it if you still have the old and outdated MagicWB 1.2p running on your system or if you haven't yet installed MagicWB...

This version is fully installable and usable, hence you can very much evaluate if you like MagicWB or not and if it's worth to register it. By installing this version you are also updating to the new MagicWB color-allocation scheme which makes you compatible with other applications using MWB. After this installation no graphics, icons etc. should appear in the wrong colors again. And the icon build-up and general workbench performance will be much faster than before:

Download MagicWB 2.1p now

What is MagicWB?

The definite WB-Enhancer no Amiga can do without. MagicWB is a full replacement for the graphic user interface of the Workbench and has become the standard on the Amiga. MagicWB 2.x is completely restructured on a new color-allocation scheme which more than doubles the speed of the WB and reduces chip-consumption to only a third compared with all previous versions and also features a highly improved color palette. MWB 2.x introduces a never-before-seen standard for over four dozen of new image-drawers to achieve a more diversified look on your WB. More icons, dock-brushes, a dozen of new patterns, fonts and a AA-support complete this special product.

Note: If you already are a registered user of MagicWB 2, don't install this shareware version but read the "About MagicWB" readme first and copy the udpated MagicWB fonts over your old fonts. That's all.

Contact: SASG International

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