GamaSoft Introduces Share-1, the Ultimate Way to Easily Register Shareware


After months of planning and development, GamaSoft is finally seeking shareware developers who wish to improvement their registration rates by taken advantage of GamaSoft's new integrated online registration system.

The system, called Share-1, consists of a clean-cut, professionally designed web-site that facilitates the following services on behalf of shareware developers:

According to GamaSoft's market research, the number one reason why consumers fail to register their shareware downloads because it's too inconvenient for them to do so. With Share-1, consumers will be able to:

Consumers will no longer have to worry about sending checks or exchanging currency, either.

With the advantages of Share-1 becoming ever more important in our global market, developers can expect increased registrations, better market awareness, and less time wasted on registration tracking.

Best of all, Share-1 costs the consumer nothing. Unlike First Virtual, which is relatively difficult to navigate and takes up to 90 days to pay the merchant, Share-1 does not charge the user a PIN fee. Better still, the cost to the developer is minimal.

If you're a shareware developer who wants to actually make money on your shareware, please see the GamaSoft web site for more information.

GamaSoft LLC
2644 Botsford St.
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 365-8414

Contact: Ted Wallingford, Production Director

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