Vulcan Software Limited Announces Changes to its Operations

30th September

Vulcan Software Limited is proud to announce huge changes to its operations. An exciting new alliance has been formed, from October 1997 Weird Science Ltd and their international trading partners GTI GmbH will begin exclusive distribution of all Vulcan products.

Vulcan has been distributing its own products for the past four years to dealers around the world and to the public through its international mail order service, but all this is about to change. GTI will be taking over Vulcan's European trade accounts whilst all Vulcan's existing registered users will be transferred into the capable hands of Weird Science who will provide them with regular mailings about Vulcan releases along with excellent mail order service.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our registered users for their support and encouragement over the years and offer our reassurance that they are not losing a Vulcan but gaining a Weird Science and it's for the benefit of all concerned including the Amigas future.

These changes have been undertaken as a direct result of the enormous expansion of Vulcan's development and publishing operations. Vulcan has set it's sights on higher spec titles in its drive to bring Amiga gaming in line with other platforms. In June 1997 we announced that all future titles would be Amiga CD Rom only in direct response to the quality of software that is currently in development and began actively supporting graphics cards and sound cards in releases such as Genetic Species, Hard Target and Almagica. Future developments include PPC support, details of which will be announced shortly.

"We felt that in order to realise our current goals, we would have to re-evaluate our existing operations." says Lisa, director of Vulcan Software. "It is all very well producing the cream of Amiga Entertainment software but it is equally important that the distribution network can do justice to the efforts of our army of developers which now includes 14 dedicated teams and over 100 graphic artists, musicians, programmers, 3D animators and translators. With Weird Science and GTI handling our distribution needs we can dedicate our time and resources to our development and publishing operations."

All these advancements can only build on the excellent record we have achieved so far, our list of imminent releases is a testament to this and includes the likes of Strangers, The Final Odyssey, Uropa2, Genetic Species, Hell Pigs, Wasted Dreams, Hard Target and Almagica, Scions of a Forgotten World.

Weird Science and GTI are professional, imaginative companies with a real commitment to the Amiga Market, together we can ensure that all our releases are given the exposure they deserve and are accessible to Amiga users everywhere.

Live Long & Prosper!

Kind Regards
Paul Carrington BA (Director) Vulcan Software Limited

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