Amiga Computer Group AAA Awards Committee Appointed

For Immediate Release

Permission Granted To Redistribute Without Alteration

Martin SahlÚn -, +46-70-6507236
Director, AAA Awards

Umeň, Sweden - Thursday, October 16, 1997.
The AAA Awards Committee has now been appointed and held yesterday its first meeting.
Work with the AAA Awards will now accellerate and enhance.


Martin SahlÚn, Director -
Martin is the founder and president of Swedish Amiga user group Amiga Computer Group, which established the AAA Awards. His assignments include being the committee official, directing of the committee work, corporate contacts and development of the AAA Awards.
Tobias Ander, Co-ordinator -
Tobias works for a large computer consulting firm in Sweden, and runs a BBS in his spare time. His assignments include co-ordinating the committee work, jury contacts, Partner and Associate contacts and events.
Mattias Wadenstein, Information Manager -
Mattias is the vice president of Amiga Computer Group. He enjoys mathematical studies when not working with the committee. His assignments include distribution of information, web design, summarizing candidate suggestions and distribution of awards.
Lars Eriksson, Finance Manager -
Lars is the founder and co-owner of Vidamus Multimedia, a Swedish Amiga vendor. His assignments include making and keeping the ever so tight budget and production of advertisements and PR material together with Information Manager Mattias Wadenstein.

Feel free to contact the committee if you have any questions or suggestions!

What do YOU think?

The AAA Awards is the achievement awards of the Amiga Community, and thus we need YOUR input on who should receive the awards!

Tell us what you think at: or send e-mail to:

Currently there are two categories; International and Swedish.

What is AAA Awards?

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