Power Solutions Acquires North American Distribution Rights for Melody

Winnipeg, MB - Power Solutions has reached agreement with Gruner Burotechnik to distribute the Melody sound card in North America. The first shipment arrived in Mid August. Special introductory pricing of $275 CAD will be in effect until all if the first shipment sound cards are sold. Power Solutions is a new, Amiga only, Canadian company.

Melody is a Z2 MPEG-16 Bit sound card driven by a special DSP. Melody has native AHI support and Toccato emulation. Any Amiga with a Zorro II/III slot can reproduce MPEG audio with Melody. For 16 Bit sound the CPU requirements will change depending on your needs. AmigaOS 2.04 or greater is required. Further details can be accessed at http://home.pages.de/~kato/.


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