Vulcan Software Ltd Announces the Signing of The World Foundry

Vulcan Software Limited has signed The World Foundry in it`s entirety and will be publishing all World Foundry titles under the Vulcan Software banner, beginning with Explorer2260 and Maim & Mangle.

The World Foundry was formed in September of this year from Digital Anarchy Software, Deimos Design and Intuition Software with the intention of pooling knowledge and resources to develop high specification Amiga titles. Vulcan has been in talks with all the members of The World Foundry for some time and are very excited about the prospect of adding their talents and commitment to our organisation. The World Foundry is a welcome addition to `The Vulcan Army' which already consists of some 14 development teams and over 100 skilled individuals.

The primary aim of The World Foundry is to develop high quality, high specification games for the Amiga market which will take full advantage of expanded Amigas and PPC equipped machines. This concentration on higher spec Amigas falls in perfectly with Vulcan`s current drive to push the Amiga forward. Vulcan and all it`s developers have made a commitment to the Amiga and the Amiga Community, through our combined efforts and enthusiasm we can help shape the future, a future which is starting to look very bright indeed.

Paul Carrington BA (Director) Vulcan Software Limited

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