Lotus Pacific Announces Wonder TV Broadcast System

October 22, 1997 Piscataway, NJ - Mr. James Liu, Vice President of Lotus Pacific Inc. announced today the Wonder TV Broadcast System developed by the company's subsidiary, Regent Electronics Corporation. This newly developed system which includes Wonder TV A 6060 will be shown at the International Broadcast Television Equipment Show in Chengdu, China, to be held from October 28 to 31, 1997. This coming product introduction is to be jointly presented by Regent and CCTV Teletext which is part of the Chinese Central Television Station.

This broadcast system was designed to provide product and services to the subscribers of the cable TV companies. Useful information selectively collected from Internet and local information sources is sequentially transmitted 24 hours a day through a cable channel. A user can select the desired information by setting attributes or references. Wonder TV A 6060 serves as a terminal set top box for receiving and down loading the required information transmitted via cable by CCTV and any local cable broadcast company. Besides the cable broadcast function of this newly developed Wonder TV A 6060, it also retains other existing functions of the previous model Wonder TV A 6000, such as audio CD, video CD, Karaoke, Internet access, and all other general PC functions.

"We are pleased to note the recent news releases with regard to the cable broadcast by Microsoft and Intel.", said Liu, "This inspiring news make us more confident of our dedicated efforts in the product development."

Lotus Pacific, Inc. is a public company traded on the OTC bulletin board under the symbol of LPFC. Its Internet website is at http://www.lpfc.com/.

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