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CUCUG Announces New Mirror Site in the United Kingdom

October 30, 1997 - The Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group (CUCUG) announced today that UK Online, Britain's leading family-oriented Internet Service Provider, would be hosting its popular World Wide Web site. UK Online joins a coalition that now includes six active Internet service providers worldwide which are hosting the Central Illinois user group's site.

A process known as "mirroring" makes a nearly identical copy of a Web site available to users closer to their own connection on the Internet. This usually results in more reliable connects and faster response.

Other CUCUG mirrors are currently located in Australia, Italy, Greece and Poland. The primary CUCUG site is maintained at Champaign, Illinois in the United States.

UK Online representative Matt Heathcote said, "CUCUG has been one of my most used sites since I found it over a year ago. I check it every day for the new links and latest news. It is the most comprehensive Amiga site I have found to date. I personally wanted it on our servers because it will supply our users with very fast access to the latest news and links without having to look to America or Europe to supply it over the ever busy Internet. Having it here will ensure optimum download times for our users."

In terms of the Amiga scene in the UK, Heathcote added, "We have quite a large base of Amiga users in the UK. Most of them started with 500s and upgraded to a 1200. These 1200s have been upgraded and upgraded to meet the demands of the users. The 4000 is not such a common machine as it is in the States purely because of its cost. Most users use their machines for 3D or graphics and accessing the Internet more as a hobby than anything else. We don't have the level of professional users that the States has. The Amiga over here is kept alive by enthusiastic hobbyists."

The founder of UK Online, Tim King, was reportedly responsible for the first version of Amiga OS. According to Heathcote, King took the portable OS from Cambridge University (TriPOS) and ported it to the Amiga and that was what was used by the original Amiga team in Silicon Valley years ago.

CUCUG maintains the award-winning Amiga Web Directory and Agnes, an advanced Amiga WWW search utility. Both have become very popular with Amiga users throughout the world.

The address for the new CUCUG mirror site in the UK is:

CUCUG's main site can be found at:


CUCUG, The Amiga Web Directory, Agnes and the Agnes character are all service marks of the Champaign-Urbana Commodore Users Group. Amiga is a registered trademark of Amiga Inc.

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