UK Online Announces Support For Alternative Computing Platforms

Shepton Mallet, Somerset, 28th October 1997 - UK Online Limited announced their total commitment to supporting users of both the Acorn and Amiga computers. Tying up with the leading purveyors of Internet software for these respective platforms, ANT and Active Software, UK Online have secured demo versions of the software for potential customers to try out UK Online's Internet service. The demo versions of these programs will be appearing in the relevant national computer magazines over the coming months.

Free demonstration versions of ANT's leading Internet Web Browser software for Acorn RISC OS computers, Fresco®, and Active Software's Internet suite NetConnect, including a free one month trial UK Online Internet account are now available.

Further support for these platforms by UK Online is demonstrated by the provision of the best mirror sites for these platforms. Amiga mirrors for the Amiga Web Directory, Amiga.Org and Vapor are already in place, to be supplemented in the near future with a full Aminet mirror. Investigation is currently under way as to the best Acorn mirrors to make available in the UK to further support UK Online's customers and UK Internet users in general.

UK Online have negotiated a special upgrade deal to the full version of NetConnect for Amiga users offering subscribers the full package for the unbeatable price of £39.95, making for a massive 37.5% discount.

UK Online's commitment and full backing for the Acorn and Amiga markets is further illustrated by their 24 hour a day, seven day a week help desk staff supporting these platforms around the clock.

"We are delighted with this collaboration," said Dean Murphy, Product Manager, ANT Limited. "Through it, Acorn users will have one of the most straightforward yet comprehensive opportunities to explore the many and diverse facets of the World Wide Web."

"Amiga users have been promised Internet support from a number of Internet companies in the past, but UK Online have done more than just promise," said Chris Wiles, Manager of Active Software. "They have bought Amiga computers, trained their staff to support their Amiga software, bought a server simply to mirror major Amiga web sites and are working closely with Amiga magazines to make sure this message is heard."

"UK Online is very pleased to be working with companies such as ANT Ltd and Active Software," said Matt Kelland, Business Development Manager, UK Online. "We recognise that Internet users are not confined to people with PCs and Windows, and we are keen to demonstrate that we can deliver a high quality and comprehensive Internet service to users who may feel neglected by the mainstream of the Internet business."

About UK Online

UK Online, founded in 1994 by Olivetti Telemedia, was the first ISP in Britain to target Internet services specifically at home and family users. Since 1996 UK Online has been part of Easynet Group plc, which has ISPs in both Britain and France and provides Internet services to over 25,000 business and private customers.

About ANT Limited

ANT Ltd, founded in 1993 is a leading specialist in networking, connectivity, and Internet products for RISC OS computers.

About Active Software

Active Software, founded in 1995, is a leading Amiga specialist. Their most famous product NetConnect is widely regarded as the best all-in-one Internet solution for the Amiga computer.

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