First Report from the Midwest Amiga Exposition

From: (Greg Pearce)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: Re: Midwest Amiga Expo News? Date: 2 Nov 1997

Brian Toogood ( wrote:
: Hi folks! As I understand it, the Midwest Amiga Expo is on this weekend. I
: was hoping someone might have some news from the show. Of particular
: interest to me is the keynote speech from Amiga International. Does anyone
: have access to news from this show?? Thanks!!

I was at the show yesterday. Though I spent a lot of time taking tickets and generally gophering, I did manage to catch part of Petro's speech. While he didn't have any major revelations, he did say that there will be a major announcement concerning the new architecture at the Cologne show in 2 weeks. He said Amiga, Inc R&D has been working on it. He also said that NTSC Magic pack 1200's will be shipped in December. He also said that they are cutting prices substantially to help build the user base. Quikpak has signed a licensing agreement. Petro said that worldwide Amiga sales are increasing.

He talked about Micronix and Phase 5 and the work they have been doing. He talked about a new German company called DCE that is developing and starting to manufacture a new product that sounded like a 1200 with CPU's ranging from a 40mhz 030 to a 50mhz 060.

I didn't catch all the speech and I'm sure I missed quite a few things that were newsworthy, but someone will be updating and correcting this, I'm sure.

There were a definitely a lot more people at the show this year. I overheard a number of people saying that this show was better than last year. Every vendor table was filled, and a number of user groups were there. Just about everyone that was there had a bag full of goodies--sales at Wonder Computers and Compuquick looked brisk. I picked up Dopus Magellan myself.

Here is a partial list of those attending-- Wonder Computers, Compuquick, Siamese Systems, Nova Design, Asimware, Gamasoft, Amazing Computing (Don Hicks), Amiga Informer, Iam, Nether Realm software, Jason Compton, Dale Larson, someone from Amiga, Inc. whose name I can't remember, Eric Schwartz and his Dad, people from CUCUG and Gateway Amiga Club, a whole list of user groups and a bunch of others and a lot of happy Amiga users.

This is a very partial and limited report with a lot of stuff left out. I won't be able to attend Sunday as I am moving and my wife has threatened to, shall we say, remove my ability to procreate.

I had a lot of fun.


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