REBOL/Core Alpha to be Released

The Alpha-test version of REBOL/Core is in its final stage of development and internal testing. Over the last month the software has become stable enough to use for important jobs, such as running our email list server (Rebot) and converting our reference documentation to HTML. Over the week ahead we will be finishing a few important documents and will begin to distribute the main program, documentation, and examples to the people on our Email Announcement List who have asked to test it.

Why just an Alpha Release?

This release of REBOL/Core is packed with many useful datatypes and functions; however, we consider this to be an Alpha because some of the main concepts are still evolving. We need the freedom to continue to improve REBOL's core technology without concern for compatibility of an application base.

In other words... function names and operations are subject to change as testing proceeds. (Prototypes testers should expect that the Alpha will be different from the earlier versions.) In addition there are a number of crucial features that are not currently implemented that we would like to include in the Beta release.

REBOL on Multiple Platforms!

During October Carl ported the REBOL/Core to a few other platforms, primarily as a test of kernel code computability. The Alpha version now runs on the Amiga, Linux (X86), PC, and Macintosh. All of these will be available for Alpha release, and we expect to add other platforms in the months ahead.

How to obtain REBOL

REBOL is not yet available for general distribution. However, if you would like a private copy of the Alpha release for testing, join our Email List for information and instructions.

What Does it Cost?

We are planning to release REBOL as shareware ($50 US) for private non-commercial and educational uses. This will be a fully enabled version, with no sly shareware limitations, tricks, or gimmicks. Commercial, packaged, and licensed versions will also be available for businesses, institutions, and government use. However, we remain open to your comments on this topic.

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