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CUCUG to Offer New Classified Ad Posting Service for Members

November 4, 1997 - CUCUG is happy to announce that it is now sponsoring a member-only classified advertisement service on its popular world wide web site. This space will be provided FREE to paid CUCUG members to allow them to buy/sell, trade/swap computer-oriented hardware, peripherals and software. You must be a member of CUCUG to post your classified ads on this new classifieds page. Of course, anyone may read these CUCUG classified ads.

To submit your ad for posting on this page, simply send e-mail to Ads will run for 60 days or until we are notified that you would like your ad discontinued. To become a 1998 member of CUCUG please visit our membership application page.

Here's a great opportunity to turn some of that old computer stuff you have lying around getting dusty and taking up space into cash! CUCUG's web site is one of the most visited Amiga-oriented destinations on the web and this new classifieds page will be widely read by computer users from all over the world.

If you're a CUCUG member, send us your classified ad today. If you're not a member, join CUCUG now.


Non-commercial ads only. You must provide a working e-mail address for others to respond to your offer. Web addresses may also be included. CUCUG is in no way responsible for these offers or consequences arising from them. Buyers and sellers should be aware of the risks and challenges associated with doing business in this manner. Please limit your ad size to less than 150 words. We reserve the right to reject any ad for any reason or no reason. We also reserve the right to modify these policies at any time.


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