Nova Sector Announces Price Cuts on its Amiga A4000T PowerPC Clones

Contact:Ryan Bertram
Nova Sector Engineering, Inc.

We have cut our prices in half on our Amiga A4000T PowerPC clones. Making Nova Sector the most afford able way to get a PowerPC Amiga. We have worked very hard to get our costs down as low as possible and we are passing the savings on to the Amiga Community. We are hoping that the price change will increase sales and we will be able to release new products in a timely fashion. In Spring of 1998, we hope to release a notebook computer featuring a 750 PowerPC processor, clock out at 300 MHz, 68K emulation, Amiga OS 3.5, and starting for around $2,500. We are also considering an NC unit starting about under $300.

Here is our new pricing on our current Amiga compatible.

SystemWasNow Only
Bravo One $3,899 $2,899
Bravo Two $4,499 $2,999
Bravo Three $4,999 $3,199
Alpha One $5,999 $3,799
Alpha Two $7,699 $4,449
Alpha Five $8,999 $4,999
Nitro (Lightwave Series) $16,999 $7,499

The Alpha series and the Nitro no longer is package with monitors, but the specs are the same as they where.

Ryan Bertram
Nova Sector Engineering, Inc.

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