National Amiga Offers Flyer SCSI Cases

For Immediate Release
November 21st, 1997

National Amiga is proud to announce its Toaster/Flyer SCSI Case to the rest of the world.

"We have commonly only sold this only to our local clients for use in their Toaster/Flyer setups, but have neglected to promote it as a seperate item to the rest of the world."

This case will house the hard drives, tape drives and CD-ROM drives that are commonly used in Toaster/Flyer systems. It will also provide cooling to keep drives running at optimum levels.

It's a stylish looking box built of high quality, and is also rather simple to assemble. All drives mount on snap in rails for easy maintenance.

It has been designed with the Flyer Octopus cable in mind since there are 3 Centronics SCSI connections on the back for the three seperate SCSI channels that the Flyer uses.

Powered ISA slots are also available inside for adding in time base correctors and vector scopes.

For more information as well as pictures of this case, please view our website at A salesperson will also gladly consult over the phone.

National Amiga also produces smaller SCSI cases for use with any SCSI system. Custom configured to your needs.

National Amiga was the first online mailorder source for the entire range of Amiga products and services. Support for Amiga users around the world through sales and technical support has been top priority throughout the tough times of the Amiga computer.

National Amiga
A Division of ARCHTECH Incorporated
111 Waterloo St. #101
London, Ontario
Phone: 519-858-8760
Fax: 519-858-8762

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