Petro Tyschtschenko's Speech at Computer '97

Our thanks to Petro Tyschtschenko for sending this speech to CUCUG for publication here.
- Kevin Hisel, CUCUG

Ladies and Gentlemen
Dear Madame
Dear Sir
Dear Amiga friends

The past has shown that there exists a market for Amiga which we can also see at the fair here in Cologne.

In 1993 there were 45,000 visitors at the Fair in Cologne, 1995 already 65,000 visitors an this year we expect more than 70,000 visitors. Those figures are quite respectable and it shows the big faith and the enormous community spirit towards Amiga. Of course these figures are containing interested people from the PC market.

Today I will tie up to my speech of last year, in which I said: "Due to the current situation, we do not have a fair booth this year. But Im very optimistic to attend the exhibition in Cologne with an own fair booth in 1997"

"Amiga is indestructible - Amiga is alive!"

This, my dear friends, was the end of my speech last year.

And at that time I was already convinced to have a comeback and that's why I'm here today, I'm the living evidence.

In my speech already quoted above, I said those days: "We are looking for further potential Investors." We don't give up. We will see what's going to happen."

Glance backward in the past of Amiga and compare Amiga with other companies. Than you will ask yourself:

And all this in times in which no new products exist or are developed. And in times in which nobody believes in the future of our brand.

But Amiga is still there.
Amiga is alive

The development must go on faster and more specifically with Amiga too. Many professional developers, but even private tinkerers have meanwhile developed a few good ideas for Amiga.

We all, from Amiga, are open for all new ideas. We have already made a new start. A new start with the support of a company which believes in the future of Amiga - Gateway 2000.

But who is Gateway 2000?? Gateway 2000 is a large and solid American enterprise with more than 10,000 employees world wide. 1996 Gateway sold more than 1.9 million PCs. The turnover amounted to 5 billion US dollars. The net profit was 250 million US dollars after tax. In the United States Gateway 2000 belongs to 500 biggest companies. Gateway 2000 has already awarded many prizes for their product range and their services. This shows what a great potential is behind AMIGA International, Inc.

The policy of Gateway 2000 for Amiga is: Amiga International is supposed to operate independent on the market. As independent as possible For that purpose AMIGA International will be supported by Gateway 2000 wherever it is useful and synergies can be made.

Our strategy, the strategy of AMIGA International has three cornerstones!

Let me explain the above mentioned goals.

The support of our Amiga users was already in past one of our cornerstone. Even in times when Amiga worked under sequestration, Amiga succeeded almost always our customers advice and help. In future we will not change this policy, much more, we will enforce the support.

Our second cornerstone are the license agreements. Wherever it is sensible and possible, we will reach license agreements. Sensible and possible means: We reach only license agreements with companies if it is of advantage to Amiga users and to the market, the Amiga technology remains compatible and the licensee grants to pull in one direction with Amiga.

Presently we reached 17 license contracts about soft and hardware.

The third cornerstone is the development of new Amiga models and to upgrade the existing Amiga products.

As you may know, Amiga has nothing developed for years. But new products are essential to exist in a dynamic market. For the development of new products, we need time. Time and money. Money which was not always available in the past few years, but with Gateway 2000 we are have found a solid basis.

We have founded a company which is responsible for Research and Development. The name is Amiga Inc., a wholly owned company of Gateway 2000. Amiga Inc. is situated in Sioux City close to Gateway 2000..

The tasks of AMIGA International, Inc and Amiga Inc. are clear defined. Amiga Inc. develops products and AMIGA International, Inc. is responsible for sales and marketing world wide and for the settlement of license contracts.

We already started with some new developments. We hope to be able to present a new product for Christmas 1998. This will be a Computer between PC and Game machine. Which means a Computer, Game Machine, TV, Settop-Box, TVD and Internet access device all in one device.

If you think about that an Amiga OS which doesn't need more than a one Megabyte Ram, than you see that our preconditions are nearly perfect. Our Amiga has a extraordinary good relation towards price and efficiency. The advantages of Amiga are the Operating System. This has been proven in the past, and the future will show the same. Prices for new developments will approximately range from 250 to 800 US dollar.

What concerns the software, we are planning to put the new Operating System 3.5 onto the market, hopefully in Spring 1998. In Winter 1998 we estimate to present further upgrades. The image and the product position of Amiga is still very good. And on this we built. So, why resign of something which has shown its efficiency in the past time of crisis and without Amiga wouldn't have survived on the market.

We don't want to invent the wheel again, but we will do our best to develop Amiga on a high standard. Therefore we will find and look for co-operations.

We will serve our customers honest and open minded. We will outsource services and we will look for new distributors And we will try to operate with only a few employees.

Ladies and Gentlemen, last year Amiga did not participate with a booth, but this year you will find us in building 11.1 booth number D 42. Our booth has approx. 200 square yards, and everybody is kindly invited to visit us.

Before my closing words, I would like to thank a certain group very very much. It is the group of Amiga Magazines Im talking about. Thank you for the support in the past years and especially within the difficult years of bankruptcy. Thank you again for that.

Please allow me some final words. I think I can tell you with clear conscience that my last confidential words of the year before, came already true.

Today I had the great pleasure again to stand here and to talk to you about our future plans coming up in the next few years and Im convinced that we will meet each other several times within the next years and we will be still saying:

Amiga is indestructible - Amiga is alive

My personal opinion is: Amiga has a bright future ahead!

Thank you for being here

Petro Tyschtschenko
AMIGA International, Inc.

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