Index Information Ltd Announces The Immediate Availability Of The Access Computer Powered By Amiga

HAMPSHIRE, ENGLAND -- 24 November 1997 -- Index Information Ltd is proud to announce that the first production Access computer successfully powered into life on 12 November 1997.

Index Information Ltd have been developing a new range of computer designs based around the Amiga AGA Chip Set and AmigaOS V3.1 Operating System for over 2 years. After extensive research and development, prototyping, pre-production and user trials we are now shipping the "Access", the first all new Licensed Amiga in volume production in the Western World.

Mick Tinker, Managing Director of Index Information Ltd; "We have been concentrating on corporate applications for the Amiga for many years. Corporate applications cover a wide range of fields such as kiosks, training & education, presentations, advertising, video production, embedded machine controllers with interactive control interfaces, Scala script players, etc. In general the wide range of applications and the often-substantial volumes they achieve are not well known to the general public, the producers preferring to concentrate on their solution, rather than the underlying technology. The Access is the first product to be specifically designed to address this market."

Those able to attend the Computer '97 exhibition will have had the opportunity to see a production Access working on the Amiga International Inc., stand.

The Access is a completely new design from the ground up, not a repackaged A1200 or A4000. It incorporates the core Amiga Chips; Alice, Paula and Denise, and 8520 CIA's. Many other chips seen in older Amiga designs, such as the Gayle, Budgie, Akiko, Bridgette and Gary chips have been replaced by a fresh new chip design which offers the benefits of modern techniques and technological advances. An example of the benefits this bestows on the product is a 30 percent increase in processor access speed to CHIP memory.

The production Revision 1.3 motherboard has additional features that will broaden its appeal and satisfy a wider range of application needs. The most obvious is the introduction of an option for the 68EC030 processor running at 28MHz to fitted at manufacture, boosting the performance of the base machine. Support has also been added for a combined MPEG1/Genlock unit that is currently at the prototype stage.

Full details about the product can be found at the companies web site at

About Index Information Ltd

Index Information Ltd., originally a developer of corporate multimedia hardware and software applications since 1991, has grown to become the most significant developer of Amiga based motherboards. We pride ourselves in being the first company to obtain a license to manufacture our own machines, when this agreement was reached on 18th June 1997 we were able to demonstrate a fully working prototype of the Access computer, the first product in our range.

Notable achievements include software for the first 24 bit graphics card, BBC Scotland's Catchword Game Show, all computers and software for London Transport Museum interactive displays, HMS Belfast interactive displays, 7,000 Amiga expansion units for a world-wide training company.

About Amiga

Since the introduction of the AMIGA A1000 in 1985, Amiga has represented the embodiment of the efficient use of memory and hard drive capacity, while pioneering industry developments in multimedia, 32-bit multitasking and autoconfiguration. AMIGA led the industry in combining computer graphics, animation and file sequences with stereo sound known today as multimedia.

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