Ossowski's Schatztruhe Announces Availability of Myst, Shadow of the 3rd Moon and Uropa 2

A couple of new exciting CD-ROM-based Amiga Games have been released or will be released within the next days. Order now to ensure that you'll receive your favourite games before Christmas!

Game                     price    - Preis            available - verfügbar

Myst                     US$57.00 - DM 99,00         12/12/97  - 12.12.97
Shadow of the 3rd Moon   US$51.00 - DM 89,00         NOW       - ab sofort
Uropa 2                  US$51.00 - DM 89,00         NOW       - ab sofort

Mehrere faszinierende Amiga-Spiele kommen derzeit neu auf den Markt. Bestellen Sie frühzeitig, damit Sie mit einer Lieferung noch vor Weihnachten rechnen können. Insbesondere bei Myst sind Lieferengpässe zu erwarten.

Ordering information:

The most convenient method of placing an order is to use our electronic order form located at http://www.schatztruhe.de/order.html. You can also send an E-Mail to stefano@schatztruhe.de including your address and the products you wish to order.

The best selling game of all times

After a long period of waiting Myst, the mystery adventure, is now available for the Amiga. The game is available completely in english, so package, manual, all menus and the speech are completely in english.

The CyberGraphX version is running in 24Bit mode with 16 million colours.

We apologize, but to the delay of PPC availability, we were unable to have a PPC optimized Myst for this time. An upgrade will be available for download from Aminet.

Myst CD also contains a 14 minute self-contained QuickTime movie "Making of Myst", where authors take you behind the scenes of making of this magnificent game!

Myst uses AHI sound system by Martin Blom. The latest full version is provided on the CD. You do not have to install AHI, Myst will simply utilize it from a CD if it is not already installed on your HD. (although it is not necessary to install it, we recommend you do it for your everyday use, as more and more software uses it).

Further important features of Myst:

Myst installation program allows you to choose how much data you want to install to hard drive. The more you install to HD, the faster access Myst will have to those files, therefore the faster it will run (this is especially usefull if you have a slow CD or CPU).

Installation possibilities:

Minimum technical requirements for AGA-Amigas: 68020, CD-ROM drive (2x), 8MB RAM, 5MB free on harddisk.
Minimum technical requirements for Amigas with graphics board (CyberGraphX):
68020, CD-ROM drive (2x), 8MB RAM, 5MB free on harddisk.

Optimum technical requirements for AGA-Amigas:
68060, CD-ROM drive (12x), 16MB RAM, 100MB free on harddisk.
Optimum technical requirements for Amigas with graphics board (CyberGraphX)::
68040, CD-ROM drive (12x), 16MB RAM, 100MB free on harddisk.

Program: english
Documentation: english
Published by: ClickBoom, Canada

Shadow of the 3rd Moon
The action flightsimulator

Enter your jet and fight up to 48 missions in fascinating landscapes. Experience fights against intelligent enemies with a high grade of realism in the presentation of all activities.

Short overview:

System requirements:
Amiga with CD-ROM drive, min. 68EC030, min. Kick 3.0, AGA or graphics card
(CyberGraphX), 13MB on harddisk, 1MB Chip-RAM, 4MB Fast-RAM.
Supports also:
optimized for 68040 and 68060.

Programm: english, german, italian
Documentation: english, german, italian
Published by: Titan Computer, Germany

Uropa 2
Strategy and Action in 3D

Uropa2 is a combination of 3D isometric and 3D light sourced vector game which is based on the moon of Uropa. Battle the evil Kapones and seek out the mastermind of their operations!


During the interstellar wars against the alien invasion forces, a vast majority of earths colonies sustained major damage to their structures and defence systems. The invasion force was repelled at great human loss, the earth colonies were slow to develop to their former civilized position.

To prevent such wide spread destruction from being forced upon the Earth colonies, they banded together with mother Earth to form a peace keeping force. This peace keeping force is known as Intercorp.

Intercorp is the military arm of the Earth Colonies and is funded by a user pay policy. Any action that Intercorp engages in, is paid for by the colony or colonies making the request.

Intercorp is structured into three main Task Forces. The Central Task Force is made up of Humans and Intelligent droids known as Tekites. The Humans are the command and both Humans and Tekites provide the main attack and counter attack forces of Intercorp. The Key Task Force is made up of intelligent droids known as Kapones. The Kapones provide ongoing defence at major or important installations owned by the Earth colonies. The third section is the Centurion Task Force. It numbers 100 of the elite Tekites. You are the newest addition to the Centurion Taskforce.

The Centurions are a covert strike force which are mainly used in covert intelligence operations or tactical strikes against enemy installations prior to the Central Task Force arrival.

The colony of Uropa2 is based on a small moon revolving around the planet of Jupiter, at one time known as Europa. The moon was almost destroyed during the wars, but due to the rich resources on the moon, the colonists re-built the moon and renamed it Uropa2. The moon is situated on the outer reaches of the Earth controlling zone and because of its strategic position, has been set up as a major link in communications and detection of hostile fleets entering the zone.

There are twelve bases, scattered across Uropa2 , which are networked together providing a unique system of integration. Each base is capable of space and sub-space surveillance at different detection levels. Only the central communication base, Castalia, is capable of direct contact with Intercorp.

Uropa2 detection systems were placed under the control of human colonists. These colonists have no weapons or defence training and as a result of their peaceful nature, the protection of the colony was charged to Key Task Force of Intercorp.

From suspected reasons of greed, the Key Task Force on Uropa2 has rebelled against Intercorp and has gained command of the moon. Communications with the moon have ceased and the fate of the colonists is unknown. The Kapones are acting as mercenaries for one of Intercorps interstellar enemies and have been tasked with the destruction of Uropa2.

Technical background:

System requirements:

Amiga with 4xCD-ROM drive, Harddisk, 2MB RAM (1MB Chip- & 1MB Fast-RAM). Supports also: AGA Chipset, more memory, faster CPUs and faster CD-ROM drives.

Programm: english, german, ital., french, norwegian, finnish, danish, swedish, portugese, czech. Documentation: english, german, ital., french, norwegian, finnish, danish, swedish, portugese, czech. Published by: Vulcan Software Limited, England

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