Amiga Informer Announces Latest Issue

Issue 11 of The Informer is in bed and will be available soon. This issue contains lots of information including a report from the Midwest Amiga Expo, news on the latest official licensees, an interview with Greg Perry of GPSoftware, follow-up stories on NewTek and Playable TV, part 2 of our Networking and the Amiga feature, plus many news bytes, announcements, and tips.

Reviews in issue 11 included Aladdin 4D v5, Voodoo, AWeb II v3, the Liana networking device , and The Strangers CD. Regular columns include, a discussion on the many uses of email, a look at fractal programs, using SnoopDOS, Q&A's with Ask Dr. Amiga, and our new Eye on Graphics column.

And of course you will get all the other features and extras you've come to expect from The Amiga Informer magazine. Have a look at our website for some very exiting specials only available to Amiga Informer readers too!

We offer you many ways to get The Informer, such as secure on-line SSL credit card ordering, on-line no-risk, no-obligation trial offer ( , follow the subscribe link), Toll free credit card ordering (888-882-6442), Fax ordering (1-914-566-4665) or good old Snailmail ordering with a downloadable form located at our website or with the coupon provided in every issue.

Our website ( was just updated with selected articles from issue 10 and with numerous other additions, including a new Developers Forum question, updated web links, and the next round of Amiga University Sweepstakes questions. Even more items will be added to our site in the near future, so visit soon!

So stay connected and stay informed with The Amiga Informer magazine. We've been publishing for nearly 2 years and are committed to brining you useful and fresh information that will improve your Amiga computing experience. Give us a try today!


Fletcher Haug, Editor
The Amiga Informer magazine

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