NRS Developer Book for Blitz Basic

Neather Realm Software (NRS) is proud to announce the release of the NRS Developer Book for Blitz Basic. The book contains information for the beginner to the advanced Blitz Basic programmer. It contains well over 200 pages of information discussing a wide range of topics. Also included are two 3.5 inch disks with source code and compiler.

Topics covered include:

Software included:

Source code
v1.7 Blitz Basic Compiler

Retail Price: $49.95 USD

Requirements: Any Amiga with at least 1 meg in order to run the compiler.

Dealer inquires welcome.

Contact Neather Realm Software for more information.

phone (330) 945-9047
fax (330) 928-1738

Neather Realm Software (a.k.a. NRS)
TEL (330) 945-9047 FAX (330) 928-1738

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