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The Final Odyssey CDRom is now officially released

The Final Odyssey, Vulcan's third Amiga CD ROM release was officially launched on the 11th December 1997.

We have a dedicated Web Site for The Final Odyssey which contains loads of info/screenshots/demos etc. Any links to this site would be greatly appreciated.

CHEERS! and a very merry xmas to you all from everyone here at Vulcan!!!!!


Greek Mythology informs us that the King of Minos imposed an annual tribute for 6 girls to be shipped to Crete and thrown as food to the hideous creature called the Minotuar who resides in a vast magical labyrinth in Athens.

In this elaborate adventure game you play the part of Theseus who is responsible for taking the poor girls to their death, however you have another plan in mind. To break this revolting tradition and to ensure no more innocent victims need to face this destiny it is up to you to solve the complex puzzles and mysteries of the Labyrinth and eventually destroy the Minotaur as well as locating all the girls that have been imprisoned and getting them out safely. The Final Odyssey combines logic puzzle solving with plenty of action and strategy, you will be armed with the most sophisticated weaponry and be thrown into a mind melting logical world of traps, enemies, puzzles and mini quests. The unique dungeon designs create constantly changing levels in gloriously animated splendour coupled with true 3d sound effects which all help to create a world that is very hard to leave.


Any Amiga, Hard Drive, 68000 CPU, 2Mb Memory (1Mb Chip & 1Mb Any), 2xSpeed CD-Rom Utilizes if Available: AGA Chipset, Extra Chip, Extra Fast, Faster CPU, Faster CD-Rom



English, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish

rrp: 29.99 (English Pounds)

Available from all good retail outlets around the world or direct from our primary distributor:

Weird Science Limited Telephone: (0116) 246 3800

Kind Regards
Lisa Tunnah
Vulcan Software Limited

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