Glacis Computers Offer SCSI Solution for CyberStorm PPC or MK III

Hello once again,

I'm sure by now, you have all had a chance to witness the awesome power of the CyberStorm PPC or MK III.

It came as some surprise to me that there was no active termination of the wide SCSI Controller on the board. It does make sense if you plan on using external devices with this controller.

Anybody who has worked extensively with or on SCSI controllers knows that proper termination is absolutely essential to proper data transfer. This holds even more so for Ultra-Wide SCSI. Because of the lack of termination on the SCSI Controller, you now require a SCSI cable with a minimum of 3 connectors, one for the controller, one for the ACTIVE termination and one for the wide SCSI device.

Due to the lack of availability of terminated wide-narrow adaptors, we suggest that the following configuration of cables and terminators be used to reduce the chance of data transfer-loss.

No external devices

 1 --------- 2 -------- 3 ------- 1

1= 68 pin SCSI terminator (SCSI68ti) or wide SCSI device with termination set on.
2= Cyberstorm SCSI controller
3= SCSI devices ( 1 or more ) - not terminated. If device is a narrow ( 50-pin ) SCSI device, use the SCSI5068 adaptor offered by Glacis Components.

If the last device is a 50-pin narrow SCSI device, do not set termination on the device. You must use a 68-pin active terminator.

Use standard 68-pin SCSI cables such as the SCSI68-x

External Devices on chain

   4 -------- 2 ------- 3 -------- 1

1= 68 pin SCSI terminator ( SCSI68ti ) or wide SCSI device with termination set on.
2= Cyberstorm SCSI Controller
3= Internal SCSI devices ( 1 or more ) - not terminated. If device is a narrow ( 50-pin ) SCSI device, use the SCSI 5068 adaptor.
4= External WIDE SCSI cable to external devices or external wide SCSI terminator( SCSI68te ). Note: external cable can be going to an external case housing internal drives. Last device on the chain must be terminated as per the rules above.

Use the SCSI68e-x cables as listed below.

Confusing? Welcome to the wonderful world of SCSI. Feel free to ask about your specific SCSI needs.

To help ensure reliable performance from the Cyberstorm SCSI controller, we are now offering the following products:


SCSI68ti - Internal 68 pin active terminator as specified by Phase 5 in their Cyberstorm MK III and PPC manuals.

This terminator fits onto the 68 pin SCSI cable used by the on-board ULTRA-WIDE controller and is required if only one wide SCSI device is present on the chain. Two are required if no WIDE SCSI devices are present.

SCSI68te - External 68 pin active terminator. This terminator is required if using the SCSI68e-x cables, as described below, and no external devices are present on the chain.


All the SCSI68e-x series of cable are 68-pin with a minimum of two connectors, one being a 68 pin external connector with a slot plate. This allows you to secure the external connector in any free slot you would normally secure your Zorro cards.

The slot plate may be removed if you wish to run the cable outside of the Amiga through an expansion slot or other area where the slot plate is not required. The other connectors are standard internal 68-pin connectors as found on the SCSI68-x cables.

The Cyberstorm connects into one of the internal connectors (not an end one.)

The -x refers to the number of devices that can be connected internally.

We currently offer the following configurations;

SCSI68e-1 (76 cm/30")
SCSI68e-2 (107cm/42")
SCSI68e-3 (137cm/54")
SCSI68e-4 (168cm/66")

Others are available upon request.

As well, we are offering an addition to the POWER series of cables;

POWER5plus - Allows you to power an A500 with an A590 from the same PC PSU.


PRODUCT          SRP
---------       ----
POWER5plus       30

SCSI68ti         40
SCSI68te         45

SCSI68e-1        70
SCSI68e-2        85
SCSI68e-3       100
SCSI68e-4       120
All funds are in Canadian dollars.

Please visit our web site for more information;

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