Amiga Apache 1.3B3 Web Server Released

The Amiga Apache http server project is happy to announce the new 1.3b3 release of the professional Apache webserver. It is available for download at:

The Amiga Apache webserver is a port of the professional Apache webserver, used by more than 40% of all servers on the Internet. Amiga Apache is compatible with the original Unix Apache and uses the same configuration files and uses the same options.

The Amiga Apache webserver is enhanced with the ability to execute AREXX scripts (allthough it has no Arexx port of its own). This means that Amiga programs can interface with the server for in- and output. For example, it is possible and easy to connect a database program with Arexx support to Apache with the help of AREXX scripts.

The Amiga Apache http server project is runned by Jeff Shepherd who has made the port, Bert Vortman, maintainer of the Amiga Apache binary & source distribution, the homepage and the documentation and Brett Burridge who maintains the FAQ, Thorsten Hiddessen, Robert Ramiega, Eirik Synnes, Hans de Groot and Per-Olof Yliniemi who are running a mirror site and many beta-testers.

There are 2 mailinglists available: apache-users for contact between Amiga apache users and apache-l for betatesters. Send a mail to: with the message: subscribe apache-users

The mailinglists are running on an Amiga that is NOT connected 24h a day so expect some delay. The mailinglists are runned by the majordomo mailinglist software.

Bert Vortman, maintainer of the Apache Homepage.

Here is a selection of a list of new features that Amiga Apache supports: (more info at the Amiga Apache homepage (

Amiga Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3

Selection of new features.

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