Mystique Receives Support for Children's Programming from Amiga International

Hello everyone,

Amiga International has shown their support for the Amiga's Premier Children's Site by sponsoring the site's creators, Mystique Corporation!!

Now it is your turn to show your support for children's software on the Amiga.

The latest update of the site includes a new FORUM, a means by which you can put forward your ideas and comments on children's software on the Amiga.

It is our intention to have these ideas acted upon so that when the new Amigas are released (whatever form they may take), they are able to compete with PCs as a great computer for all the family!!

I am sure that you are aware that current software for children is extremely limited, so help us change that by offering your thoughts to the entire Amiga community!!

All comments from developers, parents and children are very welcome :-)

Also...We are looking for people to help us with expanding the site.

Surf on over NOW to see how you can help us with reviews, stories or artwork and to add your ideas to the forum...

Thanks everyone. Merry Christmas!!

Conor Kerr
Director, Mystique Corporation

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