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Press Release:

Dear fellow Amigans, We here at The Lair are proud to announce the release of issue 10, which has just gone online, at

This month, we've got another cracker lined up, with all the news, views and information you could possibly wish for Christmas, and more.

In this issue, we take a close look at the development of spam on the Net, investigate PCI as a possible addition to future Amigas, and have a review of 1997, as the year everything changed for the Amiga, featuring all the major stories of the last year. We're also having a poll on whether the Amiga should continue down the Custom road, or should switch to "off the shelf" components instead. Last months' poll results are also here, while Gatebert will be making another of his now regular appearances. Interviews with Fleecy Moss of the ICOA, and Gareth Murfin, the creator of Ultimate Gloom, Gloom 3, will also be put up shortly.

In short, we've got another great issue lined up for your pleasure at this festive time of the year, and remember- no subscription is necessary, all this is absolutely free! Just point your sleighs to, and discover The Lair for yourself!

Best wishes to you all,

Chris Hanretty, aka Obscure Reference, Editor

Erik Elgersma, aka Tricky Dickie, Deputy Editor

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