Petro Tyschtschenko's Speech at AAi Meeting Transcript

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Atlanta, GA
May 31, 1997

Here is what Petro Tyschtschencko, Managing Director of Amiga International had to say during his recent presentation to the Amiga Atlanta, Inc. User Group (AAi).

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for this kind invitation here to Atlanta. Thank you very much for the invitation.

This is my first event here in the United States, and I'm really impressed to see all these activities around our Amiga. When I arrived yesterday midnight, I could already feel the warm hospitality. It is nice to see that our Amiga platform is gifted by a community of competent people.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is no longer a secret that we have got a friend in business -- Gateway 2000, the new home for our Amiga.

Before I continue, first of all I would like to say thank you for your understanding, for your patience, that you, my friends, have kept Amiga alive.

It is your success that our wonderful technology, our Amiga, has survived. With Gateway 2000, we all, and Amiga, I believe, will have a great and bright future. Gateway 2000 is a well-known, solid and established company in a computer world. Gateway 2000 is a leading global marketer of personal computers. Ted Wait, the chairman and CEO, founded Gateway 2000 in September, 1985. The company is located in North Sioux City, South Dakota and Gateway 2000 became a public company in 1993. Today, Gateway 2000 sells more PCs, compatible systems in the U.S., through direct marketing, than any other company. Gateway 2000 has a vision: to be the leading marketer of personal computers, products in the world, and Amiga is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000.

Gateway's mission is to grow the business faster than the competition by better understanding and serving the desires of the customer. And, ladies and gentlemen, Amiga is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000.

Gateway 2000's values are respect, teamwork, common sense, effectiveness, aggressiveness, honesty and, of course, fun. And Amiga is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000.

Should I say more? You would like to hear some facts about revenue? No problem. Revenue up 37% from 1995. 1.9 million Gateway PCs shipped in 1996. Shipments up 43% from `95. Earnings up 47% from `95. International revenue up 69.5%. I believe, ladies and gentlemen, there's a bright future for Amiga, for our community and for Amiga International.

As I mentioned already in London, the basis of my strategy is 3 elements:

Supporting the existing Amiga community. How? That's why I'm here. Through conventions, through press conferences, and the Internet (watch, meetings, of course, and useful initiatives coming from the Amiga community.

Second, leveraging the existing Amiga technology through broad licensing. The basic of success in this project is to work together with partners to define a common path of development.

The Amiga market cannot afford to split; we must go together. Together, in one direction. For us to keep the market alive it is necessary to assist many companies in developing products. Products through broad licensing. Our licensing policy will be very open, broad, and of course, simple. Licensing will be focused on standards, Amiga OS, chip sets, trademarks, boards, etc. Whatever you would like.

The third basic element of the strategy is assisting in developing new products, based on open standards, through the home computer and video market. It is very important that we explore an open Amiga platform and use industry standard components. That would make our products cheaper to produce, faster to develop, and easier to upgrade.

At this time, we are identifying candidates to manage the R&D department. Be sure, we will explore the most efficient method of determining R&D. Amiga's intention is to support the development community through concepts such as the open Amiga initiative. We will explore other concepts to bring developers on the platform. We will explore the development of an Amiga OS upgrade and we will address the features and functions that are necessary. You can be absolutely sure that Gateway 2000 will provide resources to reinvigorate the Amiga marketplace and keep Amiga a profitable subsidiary.

Long live our Amiga and our strong community.

Thank you very much.

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