Amiga International License Intrinsic Computer Systems to Manufacture A1200 based Computers


9th July 1997

Since 1995 ICS have been at the forefront in developing expansion systems that enable A1200 and A4000 users to make the best use of Hard Drive and CD Rom technology. Their MMS tm Technology has made it possible for the Amiga to utilise up to four EIDE devices.

In a not surprising announcement ICS have been awarded a license to produce A1200 based tower systems. Micronik and Index Information Ltd have already been granted licenses and it was only a matter of time that the leaders in multimedia technology for the Amiga would follow suit. The new A1200 tower system will be called the Amigo PC range.

"We know that the Amiga is the best machine available for the home and professional user. Its operating system is far superior to that of Wintel and Mac based machines and that's the reason why we don't develop for any other platform. Amiga OS is far more efficient in the areas of memory, resources and hard disk storage than any other operating system. The future of the Amiga has now become very exciting and we were very pleased when we heard the announcement that Micronik, Index Information Ltd and then ourselves had been awarded licenses to produce Amiga based systems" - Barry Turner of Intrinsic Computer Systems.

In Amigo PC will be supplied in various configurations:

An example of a "Fully Loaded" system would be:

Hurricane HC A1200, tower with 2Gb Hard Drive,1699.95 16x CD Rom Drive, PPC603e 200Mhz, 34Mb ram, expansion bus, graphics card and monitor.

Every Amigo PC will be bundled with either three new professional software packages or three new games never seen before on the Amiga, these have been supplied by Alive Media Soft who have now transfered several games from the Macintosh and PC to the Amiga platform.

"Although the license is only an interim one that does not allow ICS to use the Amiga name on its products for the next 12 months, the best personal computer there is has just got better" - Barry Turner, Intrinsic Computer Systems.

For further information contact ICS:

Tel: +44 (0)1474 335294
Fax: +44 (0)1474 533500

or visit their web site:

or write to:

Intrinsic Computer Systems
38 Kings Drive
DA12 5BJ

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