Petro Tyschtschenko's Speech at the Midwest Amiga Exposition

A BIG THANK YOU to Amazing Computing/Amiga publisher Don Hicks for transcribing this speech and posting it to his magazine's web site.

The following speech was delivered by Petro Tyschtschenko on Saturday, November 1, 1997, on the show floor of the Midwest Amiga Exposition in Columbus, Ohio.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Amigans,

Mr. Petro Tyschtschenko I'm very pleased to attend the Amicon which is indeed my first big convention after Gateway 2000 Inc. acquired Amiga.

This year on May 31, I was invited by the Amiga Atlanta User Group. Out of this potential User Group, I met people who are attending the Amicon today. Thank you very much for this invitation and for your time to listen to me.

As you know yesterday was Halloween and I was very pleased that nobody beat me up, because I will not bring any "Sweets" - like news from our Research & Development department.

As you noticed already, Mr. Jeff Schindler, the general Manager of our new founded Research & Development department, is not available today. At the moment he is preparing a strategy road map which will be announced at the Cologne fair.

Today I do not intend to talk a lot about our history, because everybody knows what had happened, how exciting and how glamorous and sometimes how sad and negative our history was designed.

You may remember my speech at the World of Amiga in London with Dr. Jim Taylor, world-wide President Global Marketing of Gateway 2000, Inc. on 18th May 97. In his speech, Dr. Jim Taylor pointed out that Gateway 2000, has not bought Amiga to make is smaller. Gateway 2000 want the Amiga to grow.

And indeed, at AMIGA International, Inc. we registered already growth. We founded AMIGA International Inc. in Langen which is under my direction and we are responsible for the Sales and Marketing world-wide.

In Germany we are in total 7 people. We are very successful in selling our existing products world-wide. Besides Europe, we have tremendous improvements regarding the sale in India and in Australia, but our North American business is also increasing.

Good news are that we will have for our A1200 Amiga Magic Pack, which was until now only available in PAL, an NTSC version for the North American market available beginning December 97.

We also cut down our prices dramatically to build up the market for our future products and to find new clients -- it's to convince by our fantastic Amiga technology.

We have negotiated with Quikpak about a license agreement, and it is already signed a few days ago.

As I already mentioned, it was founded a new company - Amiga Inc. in South Dakota, close to Gateway 2000. Amiga Inc. is responsible for the Research and the Development of new Amiga products, as well as hard and software.

The company is managed by Jeff Schindler. Currently in South Dakota at Amiga Inc. there are working 5 people:

Jeff Schindler, General Manager
Darreck Lisle, Event coordinator
Marylin Flint, Operations manager
Joe Torre, Senior engineer
Kelly Newby, Bookkeeper

Coming back to AMIGA International world-wide sales and Marketing activities out of Europe, they are as follows:

Since March 97, I have visited and supported world-wide Amiga activities to keep up our community. In Europe I was attending the following conventions:

AMIGA International has reached many license agreements. They are:

Micronik (Germany)

Nova Sector (USA)

Amiga OS 3.1
Software Hut (USA)
Power Computing (UK)
Vesalia Computer (Germany)

Software Application
Epic Marketing (UK) - Image 3.1 KS Rom
Cloanto (Italian), Amiga forever

Merchandise Product (for example T-shirts)
Vidamus (Sweden)
Robert Hamilton (USA)
Triple A (France)
Logica (Italy)
Randomize (Canada)
Amiga Plus (Germany)

For new hardware based on Amiga OS 3.1
Index (UK), Access
DCE GmbH, Germany
Quikpak (USA)

Spare Part distribution
Paxtron (USA)

Further license contracts are in sight:

For A1200
Elbox (Poland)
Intrinsic (UK)
Professional Support Service (South Africa)

New hardware based on Amiga OS 3.1
REC (USA) China/Europe, with their Wonder TV

The next big convention is coming soon which will be the Cologne fair called "Computer 97" starting 14th to 16th November 97.

For years, the fair was called, "The World of Commodore" and than after Commodore's bankruptcy it was changed into "Computer with the current year". It was the largest Amiga fair world-wide. In 1995 there were more than 60,000 people attending the show.

Last year when Amiga Technologies was under bankruptcy protection, there was no fair booth and I was sitting around like an refugee and I tried hard to represent Amiga outgoing from foreign booths. This situation affected also the figures of visitors. The figure dropped to only 35,000 in 3 days,

During the opening ceremony last year, I promised to be back in 1997 -- and indeed I achieved this goal. AMIGA International will have a big fair booth with about 2,000 square feet. AMIGA International will not sell any products during the fair. We will represent the Amiga technology and the licensed technology.

In our booth, following companies are exhibiting and demonstrating their products - powered by Amiga:

The biggest enrichment is that we can show the new designed boards by DCE Computer Service GmbH. This board is based on the A4000 with following features: There will be 2 versions available

A 5000
CPU 68030/50 Mhz
Up to 64 MB Ram
Standard PC Keyboard
1.44 MB Floppy Disk
1.7 Gbyte IDE HDD
10 - 24 Speed IDE CD ROM
AGA Chipset
Scan Doubler
HF Modulator optional

CPU 68060/50 Mhz
Up to 128 MB RAM
Standard PC Keyboard
1.44 MB Floppy Disk
1.7 Gbyte IDE HD
10 - 24 Speed IDE CD ROM
AGA Chipset
Scan Doubler
HF Modulator optional

I think this product will be very successful in our near future. It will help us to keep the market alive and growing. For further information, please watch

This year in Cologne we expect more than 60,000 visitors, 80% of them will be Amiga fanatics. In well organized workshops, the following companies will be represented through News and Information.

Due to the world-wide shortage of Amiga video monitors, AMIGA International will also demonstrate how to use a standard PC monitor with our beloved Amiga.

I think it is very important, that we explore an open Amiga platform, use industry standard components to reduce the production costs, to make it faster to develop and easier to upgrade. I will try to reach this goal in a very managed fashion.

Highlights of the Cologne fair will be the long expected announcement about the Future of Amiga. Which will be stated at the developer conference on Friday evening at 7 p.m.

Jeff Schindler will explain the strategy and roadmap for our future.

Now, my friends, I'm already at the end of my speech and Today I had the great pleasure again to stand here and to give you a short up to date. I'm convinced that we will meet each other several times within the next years.

My personal opinion is: Amiga has a bright future ahead!

Thank you for being here And many thanks to the people who organized this big and successful event.

Petro Tyschtschenko
AMIGA International, Inc.

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