Gateway 2000 Head Mentions Amiga in Boot Interview

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Subject: Boot interview with Ted Waitt excerpt.
From: (Matt Griffith)
Date: 1997/06/17
Message-Id: <>
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc

This is a very short excerpt from the interview. It comes from Boot magazine July 97 issue. If you have a PC, I highly recommend Boot. Anyway, here's the excerpt:

Boot: Ok... On the topic of acquisitions, Gateway recently bought the rights to the Amiga. What sort of response has there been to that move?

Waitt: Well, the Amiga people want to know why we purchased the rights. Amiga has some fantastic technology. It's extremely efficient. And there's the tremendous enthusiasm of folks in the Amiga user environment. The core technology is very compelling. I like the modularization of the platform and the operating system, the efficiency of the operating system, the pureness and cleanness of the environment, the video technology... there are a lot of good things.

Boot: What about those valuable patents?

Waitt: The Amiga patents were the primary interest, initially, but now we're thinking there might be a lot more there than just a set of patents.

Boot: What will you do with the Technology?

Waitt: We're trying to develop that right now, but the promise of an open Amiga is very interesting.

Boot: Is there an Amiga curse?

Waitt: I don't think so. Look at the people that have had it before us.

Boot: Commodore is gone, Viscorp is dead, Escom AG...

Waitt: Yeah, but Escom was on the way out. Commodore had its own difficulties. Viscorp was looking at a very narrow approach.

[The interview veers back into PC related stuff]

                                        Matt Griffith
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