Amiga, Inc. Announces Information Channels for Amiga Users

January 09, 1998

From: Amiga, Inc.

The Amiga community has grown stronger and more unified over the past few months. This is in large part due to the efforts of special users that recognize the benefits of cooperation and activism on the part of the Amiga and its community.

One example of this hard work and determination is what created the User Group Network ( This Network, organized and maintained by the North Alabama Society of Amiga Users (NASAU), is a tool to reach as many users as possible. The average Amiga User does not necessarily have the luxury of the Internet, or even a magazine subscription. User groups have always been a place where friends meet and help each other.

Amiga, Inc. hopes to increase the enrollment of existing Groups. The UGN will offer up-to-date information, special pricing for hardware and software and even contests. Enrollment in the UGN will afford special benefits to user groups and their members.

I would like to recognize one user group in particular: The Champaign-Urbana Computer User Group (CUCUG), the hosts of The Amiga Web Directory ( Since I have been on the Net, I have had my browser open to the CUCUG "New Links" ( page as my default page to find out the latest news and Amiga happenings. I am not alone! Because of this, we have expanded on the idea of the User Group Network. All new information will be released to CUCUG for immediate broadcast on the Internet and simultaneously to the UGN for dissemination among all the participating user groups.

Wayne Hunt will direct all information for posting to the User Group Network. The UGN is a fabulous way for us to reach all users, whether they are fortunate enough to be connected to the Internet or not and we need to support this.

Kevin Hisel of CUCUG and others in the group have done an outstanding job promoting the Amiga on the Internet! For this we want to see The Amiga Web Directory continue to be the place for breaking news and online information about the Amiga.

By utilizing these two, reliable channels of information, Amiga, Inc. hopes to reach all Amiga users, world wide with the latest news and information.

Great work everyone!


Darreck Lisle Amiga Back For the Future

Events Coordinator

Amiga Inc.

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