AmigaZone Offers Free Press Release Posting for Amiga Companies


Attention: Amiga Product Makers, Dealers, Distributors, Vendors and Developers

I'm Harv Laser and I run an online service for Amiga Owners called "AmigaZone", which has been around since 1985. (I've also been writing as a freelancer for many Amiga-oriented magazines for many years, in case my name sounds familiar).

One of our AmigaZone message bases, available to our members to read, is called "Press Releases."

This message base is gated to the outside world via an email address.

What this means to you, is that you can email your Amiga-related (ONLY PLEASE!) product announcement, press releases, show announcements, and so on to this email address:

And that mail will be pumped right into the AmigaZone's Press Releases message base for our membership to read.

There is absolutely NO cost to you to do this.

This is provided as a FREE service to the Amiga products companies.

Unlike comp.sys.amiga.announce, your press/product releases don't have to be formatted in some restrictive structure - all I ask is that you keep them less than 80 columns wide, and send ONLY PLAIN ASCII TEXT. No HTML. No embedded binaries. No MIMEd or uuencoded stuff. And only English-language, please. Otherwise, the format is your own decision.

If you choose to use that email address to which to send your product press releases, again, PLEASE use it ONLY for Amiga-related products, services, and shows. PLEASE (although I'm sure none of you would do something so ugly) do NOT spam it, add it to unrelated mailing lists, or abuse it with unrelated junk.

Send the same kind of announcements to that address that you would send to Kevin Hisel, for posting in the Amiga Web Directory - but send them to my list as PLAIN ASCII TEXT ONLY please.

If you would like to participate in the AmigaZone, and have your own account, info is available at my web site:

AmigaZone is a commercial service, and is hosted by CalWeb Internet Services, and is available anywhere, worlwide, by simply telnetting in or using our member's web interface.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Harv Laser
AmigaZone Sysop

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