GamaSoft Introduces Revolutionary Web Site Management Application

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 12, 1998

GamaSoft LLC - Detroit, MI USA

With 1998, GamaSoft's dedication to customer service and innovation takes a quantum-leap, as we introduce Finale Development's latest product, WebFTP.

WebFTP is a replica-based web-site management application. Its approach to site-management employs a high-alititude comparison system, squarely advancing past other site-management utilities. WebFTP allows you to do all of your site administration on a local basis. Then, when the time comes to update the content on your web site, WebFTP selectively uploads changes using built-in FTP. You may select the criteria to base the updates upon, including last-date-modified. WebFTP can even remove unused content from the remote web site!

Read what Duane A. Leinninger of Chaos Studios said about WebFTP:

"I used to waste tons of time with my web browser, telnet clients, and FTP clients trying to keep my web clients' web-sites up-to-date. WebFTP cut my administration time in half. I make changes to my local version of the site, and WebFTP does the rest."

An application like WebFTP on Windows or Macintosh could easily be priced at over $100, but the Amiga-only WebFTP is just $34.95 (SRP).

"It's really a tribute to the ingenuity that pervades the Amiga market! I've never seen anything like WebFTP on any other platform. The Amiga is a fantastic web-content management platform, and WebFTP is the icing on the cake," explains Ted Wallingford of GamaSoft. "You can manage as many sites as you want from one Amiga--all without ever touching a telnet program or ftp client."

WebFTP is based on the acclaimed ClassAct development system, making it fast and reliable. It requires OS 3.0 or higher, 2 MB of free RAM, and 500 K of hard disk space.

For more information on WebFTP and Finale Development's other fantastic products, please see GamaSoft's home page (

To purchase WebFTP, please contact any of the following GamaSoft dealers:

Lively Computer (La Mesa, CA)
National Amiga (London, Ontario CAN)
Safe Harbor Computers (Waukesha, WI)
Software Hut (Sharon Hill, PA)


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