Vaporware Announces AmIRC, Version 2.0 Now Available

             ___        ___ ___  ___       ___   __
            / _ \ _ __ |_ _| _ \/ __| __ _|_  ) /  \
           |  _  | '  \ | ||   / (__  \ V // / | () |
           |_| |_|_|_|_|___|_|_\____|  \_//___(_)__/
          |       |
The seventh public release of AmIRC, version 2.0, is now available!

AmIRC is a client for the IRC Internet Relay Chat protocol written by Oliver Wagner, also the author of VoyagerNG and Microdot II. It is *SHAREWARE*. You can register it easily with the included VaporWare registration utility at any of our registration sites around the world.

Although AmIRC 2.0 contains numerous more hours of work and thus is slightly more expensive than AmIRC 1.x, there is *NO UPGRADE FEE* -- your legal AmIRC 1.x keyfile will continue to work. The free upgrade is our "Thank you!" to all the people who already registered AmIRC 1.x, instead of using cracked versions, pirated key files or "evaluation periods" of several months or even years. Registrations at the AmIRC 1.x price are *no longer accepted* as of this release.

Where to download it:

FTP:, pub/amirc/, pub/amirc/, pub/amirc/, pub/amirc/, pub/vapor/amirc/

 AmiNet, comm/tcp

 amirc_20.lzx, 746842 Bytes
 amirc_20.lha, 830279 Bytes

 (Note that has generally the best
 connectivity of the listed mirror sites)

WWW: (File mirror only)

 Mail to <>, put "SEND AMIRC" in the body.
 The file will be returned uuencoded.

Changes since version 1.69 (previous public release)

(NB: This is a rough guide only - a complete list of changes is included in the archive)

- Jason Murray

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